December 6-8, 2017
West Coast

Allen Wuescher

Toshiba International Corporation

Allen Wuescher is the CIO of Toshiba International Corporation. He started his career as an auditor and consultant with the Big 4 and has worked with a variety of IT organizations across multiple industries to provide guidance for improving the maturation of IT capabilities and value delivery to the business.

Throughout his career, Allen has consulted with multiple Fortune 500 companies, giving him exposure to a variety of business cultures and countries including Norway, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, and most recently, Japan. Allen holds a BA from University of New Orleans and an MBA with a concentration in Information Systems and Decision Sciences (ISDS) from LSU. While working as a graduate student in the Doctorate program at LSU, Allen taught ISDS classes at the University.

8:50 AM CIO Leadership Required for Innovation

CIOs have been asked by their executive partners for years to become “more strategic” and “find ways to add value” which translates to driving and leading cross-functional innovation within the enterprise. But innovation is not based solely on technology, even if technology is used in innovation. This session will focus on why CIOs are best fit to lead this type of innovation and how to foster and drive cross-functional innovation.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Allen.

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