December 6-8, 2017
West Coast

John Kehoe

Valmont Industries

4:25 PM Strategically Developing a Value-Driven IT Services Organization

Shared Services have accelerated new business opportunities through centralization and standardization, with the CIO being the crucial link in the governance chain. In organizations who have distributed IT in divisions or groups, the concept of how to approach, assemble and deliver a unified IT team in a Shared Services model is complex. Key session highlights include:

·         Making sure that expected services,  processes, and problems are well defined
·         Discussing the level of service response time an organization wants or can afford
·         Positioning IT as a strategic business colleague to enable collaboration with other business groups or shared services teams
·         Moving from distributed needs to a centralized model of pooled IT resources and standardized systems
·         Delivering value and raise external customer satisfaction in the products distributed by the firm

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining John .

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