December 6-8, 2017
West Coast

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Is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Worth the Risk?

As technology continues to advance and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workplaces become more and more commonplace, IT leaders everywhere are ...

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Five Traits of Great CIOs [Infographic]

Inside:What do great CIOs have in common?How do they approach new ideas and see the role of IT in business? How do they view their teams and colleagues?Enter your email below to download the infographic.

Modernizing the Marketing Organization—A Q&A with Shonodeep Modak, CMO with GE Power

Today’s consumers are empowered, asking questions, conducting research and considering other’s opinions before making a purchase decision. To stay competitive, companies must become a resource, implementing a well-thought-out inbound marketing strategy that informs and educates the target market. It’s not as simple as point and click, however.