December 6-8, 2017
West Coast

Chani Cordero

CIO, Medical Education and Training Campus
U.S. Army

12:35 PM Forming an Innovation Technology Group to Modernize IT Infrastructure & Improve User Experience

Staying current on technologies and trends in your industry is integral for a CIO. Between providing information technology services, application design and support, and protecting infrastructure, CIOs must also focus on emerging technologies in the service delivery of the business. Discover how the Medical Education and Training Campus ensures their relevancy in education by forming an innovation technology group to modernize IT infrastructure & improve the user experience. This session will discuss ideas to increase engagement in the business arena. During this session:
  • Learn strategies for exploring critical thinking techniques of reflection, reasons and alternatives
  • Discover how agile tools will facilitate discussion, requirements, and priorities
  • Review innovation techniques to improve the user experience
  • Discover how an innovation group is about driving business objectives

2:35 PM Leveraging IT to Drive a Better Customer Experience

Companies banking on innovation to drive growth must take a customer-centric approach to technology as customer experience becomes a top priority for top brands across the globe. From social to mobile to big data to machine learning, the role of IT in customer experience has evolved rapidly. During this panel-focused discussion, we will explore the evolution of IT in customer experience with a group of seasoned IT executives who are leveraging IT to drive a better customer experience. Join this panel discussion as we explore:
  • Leveraging technology to deliver a meaningful, seamless customer experience
  • Building a relationship of trust and transparency to improve customer experience
  • Supporting and advocating for customers, internally and externally
  • Focusing on core capabilities and goals for growth through customer-centric initiatives

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Chani .

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